Hi! My name is Helen and I’m a British-Canadian English Language Teacher.

I have been teaching English for over 10 years, to students aged 3 up to adults, ranging from beginner level A1 to proficiency level C2. I have taught in 5 different countries, most recently, for five years in Spain. I have a great deal of experience teaching Cambridge and Trinity exam preparation, as well as general English courses. I’ve taught face-to-face and online.

To read more about my teaching experience and qualifications, check out my LinkedIn profile, my FutureLearn profile, and my Coursera profile.

I love teaching and I enjoy working with learners to give them the best English language learning experience. 

If you are looking for a passionate and dedicated English Language Teacher, I recommend reading some Testimonials from students I have taught in the past or am teaching now, and then contacting me for more information.



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We have known Helen for about 10 years. She is an enthusiastic and very energetic person, a volcano of ideas and you never get bored with her. Our children started to approach the English language successfully when we hosted Helen in our house for the first time during a summer camp. Since then she has visited us other times and we have become friends. She loves her work very much and teaches English with spontaneity and fun, adapting her approach according to the student, from young children to adults. My husband and I have also greatly improved our knowledge of the language by learning English idioms that we didn’t know. One in particular reminds us of Helen. When my husband makes a joke to make fun of me, I tell him to be careful because he is getting into trouble – he is going to end up in the doghouse outside in the garden!

– Monica and Fabio, Milan, Italy

“I’m a former student of this magnificent teacher, Helen is a great professional, she always cares about her students and she teaches everything with a great passion, giving the best of herself. She is like a human book, you can learn so much from her.  In addition, she makes the classes very dynamic and funny, so if you are looking for a great teacher, fun classes and good results, she is the one.”

– Bea, Andalucía, Spain.

“Helen is the best teacher I have ever had. She is always there for what you need. She is a very involved person with her work. Her classes are very fun. I absolutely recommend her classes.”

– Susana, Sevilla, Spain

“I had the pleasure to meet Helen some years ago when she was a teacher of English in a camp near Milan, Italy. My daughter was enthusiastic about her. Helen was also our guest, so our approach with her was a real full time immersion. Everyone in our family took advantage of the experience because my son also started to speak English. For me, because I’m a teacher of English, I had the nice chance to do some extra exercises thanks to Helen.”

– Barbara, Milan, Italy

“It has been an amazing experience. Helen is a remarkable teacher. She has been a huge help with my Trinity B2 certificate.”

– Fatima, Andalucía, Spain.

I was 7 when I first met Helen, she came to our home for an English course. She started playing with me and my little brother while teaching us some words. After the first week my parents were impressed, I had started to try to talk in English when she was around. It didn’t take much to feel like she was one of us and we were excited to learn new things. Now I’m 17, Helen came back to our home a few times and it’s also thanks to her that I’m still enthusiastic to learn this language and I can speak a quite fluent English.

– Chiara, Milan, Italy

Helen is an excellent teacher. She makes lessons engaging and useful, as she uses very effective methodology. She spends time sending us interesting and useful links and videos. She is passionate and makes effort to go through each student and give constructive feedback to improve. Also, she makes students feel comfortable, which I think is really important. Time goes by so fast in her lessons!  Helen definitely loves teaching and not every teacher does.

– Helena, Sevilla, Spain


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